Monday, June 29, 2009

Rock Stars

Our Heroes

Sorry to be MIA for a whole day, but when you're hanging with rock stars, it's a hectic life.

Ever since we crossed the finish line, it's been crazy. Official RAAM photos and interviews. Hanging with the Hubsters. Sleeping. Team meetings. Sleeping. Cleaning out the vehicles. RAAM awards banquet. And a little sleep.

It was amazing to be at the finish line. The Hubsters, who crossed about an hour and a half before us, were waiting for us and the guys rode in to a rousing Slovenian welcome.

We're happy. Oh my. It's so nice to revel in the accomplishment. We set every single team goal.

We all got across safely.

We smashed the age group record by 14 hours.

We ran a completely penalty free race.

We were very competitive with the younger teams in our division, and we even crossed before some four-man teams.

It's nice to let all this sink in and settle over us. This really is a gigantic acconmplisment and it couldn't have happened to two nicer guys.

At the banquet last night, the guys were recognized for being first in their age group and for setting the age group record. Richard shared a nice moment with Tomaz Percic, one of the E-Hub racers. Using Johanna, who speaks Slovenian, as a translater, the guys had a great conversation and sealed their membership in the mutual admiration society. "I just really, really like that guy," Richard said. "Just a damned nice guy."

So nice, in fact, that when Tomaz suggested the guys switch jerseys, Richard took the shirt off his back and they did it right then and there. These two guys are probably not finished with each other.

And we're not finished with you. Hang in there with me and if you want to keep reading, I'll keep writing. There's so much more to say about this, and it's been a blast to share my thoughts with you for 3,000 miles.

Today, we finished cleaning out the vehicles. Richard and Jim will start the drive back to Cleveland with one of the vans. The crew will be flying out sporadically, and those of us sticking around will do a little sightseeing here in the Annapolis area. Tomorrow, Johanna and I will drive the RV to New York and then head back to Cleveland. It's been a wonderful trip.

And it's not over yet.


Anonymous said...

Your sister Crystal says...

Great job!!
This team does some really crazy things in a most spectacular way. What an adventure.
Keep writing Jeannie, as the story comes to the end of the chapter, we all still want to find out what happens to all the characters.

(Kelley) Brooke said...

Yeah!!!!! More ....more....more!!!

I for one will thoroughly enjoy reading more about TRH's Big Adventures. Thanks Jeannie!

Chocolate Labs said...

More blog please!

Judy said...

Thanks for the pictures! Loved them! I also want to hear what happens to all the characters and how Charlie and Richard are feeling. Thank you Jeannie for the update. Now, with three members of our office in Annapolis----I have to go to work!

Sherry Ford said...

Charlie and Richard - you guys did it! You accomplished everything you intended to - and what an accomplishment! You both have every reason to be so proud of yourselves. And - those Slovenians sound pretty nice!

Jeannie - thanks for all your updates - you did a great job.

Support team - thanks for all of your hard work and dedication.

Anonymous said...

Richard, Charlie, Jeannie, and Crew,

Although my vicarious bike race has ended and I have to get serious again about my real life and work, this experience--the joy and excitement--will linger here for some time. You all really did it! You accomplished your amazing goals and then some. You are all champions!

Thanks for taking us bloggers along for the ride.

Jody in Grand Junction

Ann said...

Hi guys,

I am in withdrawal. What am I supposed to follow now - the stock market? (UGH!)
Seriously, it was a great ride for all of us. I'm going to miss it.
Huge congrats to all involved!!
I will keep checking for a while, in case Jeannie posts something new.

Ann in Salt Lake

Mom said...

When I talked to Charlie last night I thought he'd be exhausted but he was so high even at 3:15 in the morning! CONGRATULATIONS CHARLIE AND RICHARD for a fantastic ride. I was with you all the way. When you finished I thought..."Now do I have to go to bed? You have kept me at such a high level or excitement I'm a little like you..I can't come down off the high. Thanks Jeannie for all the great are a professional! Thanks to the crew!
Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Anne from Tempe,AZ
Congrats to Charlie,Richard and the whole crew! I can't believe it is over.It was great following you across America. Thanks to Jeannie for the great blogs. You made it real for us armchair viewers.
I loved your relationship with the Slovenians--a nice Post Cold War warm fuzzy! It gave an international flavor to your (and our) experience.
I think I am having Post-RAAM withdrawal symptoms--no stats,no maps,no new blogs to check.Yuk!
Once again--It is an honor to know you.Thanks for taking us along for the ride via your website.
Anne B.