Monday, June 22, 2009

It's Monday in Utah

What a beautiful country we have here.

This has been an incredible experience already (and wow, we're not even a third of the way through yet.) I'm sure that I speak on behalf of the entire crew when I say to the guys: "Thank you so much for this opportunity. It's a real honor to help you achieve your dream. And we're having a blast doing it."

It was unfortunate that some of us went through Monument Valley at night when we couldn't see much (in order to be waiting ahead of the racer for an exchange), but it sure was a beautiful morning when light began breaking. The Follow crew got to go through with Charlie when it was already light. Eileen checked in with Charlie just before he entered Monument Valley.

Richard was struggling a bit before he got on the bike earlier this morning, but riding through this area appeared to be somewhat healing for him. I spoke to him just after he got off the bike and he was much more upbeat than when he got on it.

All in all, two-man RAAM is a productive and successful effort so far. Our guys have traveled approximately 813 miles, and they have about 2,204 to go. We are on pace to easily manage the mandatory three-day cutoff to officially stay in the race, so that's no problem. We are still ahead of record pace for our age group, and while that is a team goal as well, the guys are focusing on staying strong and steady, staying healthy and controlling the things they can control. If all that happens, the record will take care of itself.

Onward and upward. It's all good.


Anonymous said...

Jeannie, Johanna and all of Team RAAM.

Keep up the good work. Jeannie, we all miss EWE (sorry). Conversion on schedule. Governor announced expansion to VLT's last Friday.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Hey Richard
Great riding
Jim; keep these guys on course and going stroge all looks good from Cleveland.

Walt Chapman

(Kelley) Brooke said...

Feeling the beautiful vibes all they way here in the Cleve Patch. Sure wish we could see some of that beautiful scenery...but I'm love'n the updates. Keep going strong like 10 day old socks. ~Brooke Kroto

amy said...

You guys are rockin! Looks like you are catching up to ehub?!? Yipee! Loving the blog updates.

Amy Jensen

PS. Hi Dad! Love ya and try to get some sleep. :)

Julie said...

Wait ago. You guys are making good time. Keep up the good work!

On Wednesday, I'm getting together with Nina Musser, the wife of one of the riders on the 8-person team, ViaSat. Turns out she lives a couple of blocks away. We're both excited about sharing our RAAM news/stories. She's been checking out the Reaching Heights blog and is very impressed.

I don't want to belabor the point, but team Reaching Heights is doing great. Keep it up and I'll see all of you in Annapolis.

Anonymous said...

I am exhausted just experiencing your adventure via cyberland. Wow! What a TRIP! Sending you as much energy as is possible. Keep focused. Melanie

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeannie & Johanna,

Hope all is well, we are following the blogs FROM THE LAND OF ALOHA (HAWAII)!! Congrats to you and the team. You can't get there without LOGISTICS!!

gary & monica, Elvis, Priscilla & Butch