Friday, June 26, 2009

Your questions

Q: What's on the guys' ipods?

A: I won't give you a complete list right this second because, one, I'm not in the Follow van, which is where the music is being broadcast to the guys, and two, that would take way more mental energy than I currently have. But generally speaking, I can tell you this: Richard says he digs listening to Tom Petty when he's on the bike, and I know he's got some Sting on there because Eileen was loading that up for him last time I was on the phone with her.

Among Charlie's faves are George Thorogood's "Bad to the Bone" when he's climbing a mountin, and the Allman Bros' "Whipping Post." His all-time favorite is Tina Turner's "We Don't Need Another Hero," mainly because he agrees with that sentiment and because, as they used to say on American Bandstand, "it's got a good beat." Charlie says the song reminds him not to try to be a "first-day hero" and that it's all about showing up for work every day and getting things done.

Q: What is a day's food list look like? Same every day or do you change it up? How many calories in a day's intake?

A: On the bikes, the racers take in liquid nutrition in the form of Perpetuem, a product of Hammer Nutrition, a RAAM sponsor. Along with Gatorade, there's always a bottle of Perpetuem on the bike. In between rides, the guys eat a variety of things, mostly things from the snack family - salty things like chips and pretzels, candy bars (Richard is a Payday fanatic), bananas, bagels, sometimes oatmeal, sometimes a simple turkey and cheese sandwich (no condiments, because, as Charlie says, this is about calories, not flavor.) Both like a cup of coffee after their "long" sleep.

Incidentally, for that purpose, they purchased the coolest machine: it's a Keurig coffeemaker, into which you insert a little pod-like thing of coffee, make sure there's water in the maker and close the machine. It's idiot-proof, it brews one cup at a time and then you just toss the little pod thing out. No grounds to deal with - it's the best!

Charlie needs about 8,000 or 9,000 calories a day; Richard can blow through 10-12,000. The guys monitor their weight and body fat index carefully and when one of them is down a pound or two, we take steps to get some solid food into them. Charlie tossed back a cheeseburger the other day, even though I don't think he really wanted it. He realized he was down a few pounds and did what was necessary.

Yesterday, he and Richard were both down a few pounds and Crew member Don Magie, a cyclist himself, talked the guys into some pasta. The RV crew used GPS to locate a Pizza Hut and scored some pasta with marinara (no vegetables - too hard to digest.) Both of the guys ate it, loved it and have requested more for tonight. Two family sized orders are already waiting for them in the RV after their night rides. We're delighted to see them eating it with such gusto - obviously they need the calories and long-chain carbs to keep up their strength.

Both guys also drink lots of Ensure. Immediately after he gets off the bike, Richard throws down a bottle of Ensure Plus - takes about 5 seconds, honestly!

Q: What would you have done if (suspected laundry thief) had tried to fight you for those clothes?

A: Are you kidding? Nobody's getting in the way of these guys getting to Annapolis. Besides, she was a scrawny little thing; she was toast.

Q: What does Chase and Follow mean?

A: The Chase and Follow are support vehicles for RAAM riders. Generally speaking, the RV is used to house the racers for their "long" sleeps during the night, for racer shower and bathroom needs and for storage of gear, all those bottles of liquids and food. The Follow is the van that accompanies the racer, riding 30 or so feet behind him. It is equipped with generally the same things as the RV, but in smaller quantities because of limited space. Three crew members are in the Follow - the driver, the navigator and the "third seat," who makes mandatory calls from the time stations to RAAM officials and takes care of the racer's needs. During the day, the racers exchange in and out of the Follow; at night they do it out of the RV. The Chase vehicle is used primarily to shuttle crew back and forth to motels along the route. Usually traveling about 200 miles or so ahead of the racer and other vehicles, the Chase crew gets motel rooms until a designated crew shift time, at which time the now-rested Chase crew becomes the Follow crew. The former Follow crew takes over the hotel rooms for a few hours and then meets back up with the racers later on, after some rest.


Barb & Bud Fosdick,San Diego said...

Hi there! We're sending our greetings and cheering the guys on! We're glad to hear that Charlie likes "Bad to the Bone"...that's definitely Charlie's theme. He has no fat....just all muscle, bone,& smiles!! And we are glad to hear they loved eating the pasta...good Italian energy, life-sustaining food.
Keep up the good work, we love the blog, and anxious to hear all the reports. Julie will be headed to Annapolis soon, and we'll be anxious to welcome Charlie home next week. Thanks for everything!! Barb & Bud Fosdick

Anonymous said...

Richard and Charlie, I'm so thrilled that the ride is going well for you two. Its really exciting for us to read the blog and just imagine what its like to you to be in the middle of this epic ride. You and Charlie and the crew are really doing something amazing, inspirational and worthwhile. Tom and Roz and I had dinner last night together and talked about what an amazing person you are. Keep it up and its really exciting to keep up with your progress. MIke Madorsky

(Kelley) Brooke said...

OK...ready for song dedication #3???

This was on MY playlist when I ran my one and only marathon:

Won't Back Down ~ Tom Petty

Well I wont back down, no I wont back down
You can stand me up at the gates of hell
But I wont back down

Gonna stand my ground, wont be turned around
And Ill keep this world from draggin me down
Gonna stand my ground and I wont back down

Hey baby, there aint no easy way out
Hey I will stand my ground
And I wont back down.

Well I know whats right, I got just one life
In a world that keeps on pushin me around
But Ill stand my ground and I wont back down

Hey baby there aint no easy way out
Hey I will stand my ground
And I wont back down
No, I wont back down

Chris said...

Looks like you guys are about to hit Ohio. Man, I wish the route wasn't a three hour drive south of here -- I'd love to go down and wave as you guys flash by.

And.. do I see this correctly... you guys are almost an hour ahead of the E-Hubbers?


Jeannie Roberts said...

Um, yes you do. We believe they may have had a navigational issue last night.

Dallas said...

Go Richard and Charlie Go!
Watching your progress is so exciting. And now as you are closing in on the end I want to say the biggest of thank you's from Reaching Heights and the kids of the Ch-UH school district. Your own personal journey and accomplishment will mean a lot in the lives of some deserving kids.
We are proud of you!
Dallas Schubert

Tanner said...

Looking strong guys! I've been following from the begining and wish I was on the road with all of you. Way to keep them safe crew and Keep riding strong Richard and Charlie. The Push America office in Charlotte, NC is rooting hard for you guys. Stay safe and enjoy the last couple days on your little leisurely bike ride.

Tanner Bacon

amy said...

Way to go Charlie and Richard! I am so excited for you guys and it has been so fun to be able to follow along on your journey through the blog and twitter. I am so impressed with the feat you are accomplishing.

Keep up the great work are doing a fantastic job at supporting these guys!

Amy Jensen

PS. Hi Dad! Love you.

Barb & Bud Fosdick said...

We have loved all the information on everything your team is doing. What an awesome experience. Thank you for supporting these 2 great guys.

Continually rooting for you..from San Diego, Barb & Bud

Elayn bigelow said...

Hi Charley,
Just wanted to tell you how happy I am to hear you are still on a two wheeler and really zooming cross-country. Your Mom is so proud of you as are her many friends. By the time you get this, you will have finished and can take a 24 hour nap!
Elayn Bigelow...Tempe, AZ 85282

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Richard, Charlie, and the crew on running such a successful race.
Richard, Roz and I are so glad that all of your hard work and dedication paid off, and that you rode so well. We wish we could have been there with you at the finish line. We've been thinking and talking about the race all week and following your great progress. We cant wait to raise a glass and a burger to you at the Pub on Lee. Mike madorsky and Roz

Barb & Bud Fosdick said...

Congratulations Charlie and Richard! Glad to hear you finished and did so-o-o well.. We've been watching all the way! You are awesome!!! See you soon. All our love & support...Barb & Bud Fosdick, San Diego