Monday, June 22, 2009

Leaving your comments

Thanks so much for all the nice e-mails about the blog. Many of you out there are e-mailing me because you can't figure out how to post and would like to. (Don't worry, I am getting your e-mailed comments to the guys, but it's not always as efficient as just commenting right here if you wish.)

So here's a quick lesson:

Below each entry is a "posted by" followed by a comments link. (Go ahead, look, I'll wait - it looks like this: Posted by Jeannie Roberts at 11:08 AM 3 comments.) If you want to read or post comments, click on the comments link after the section of the blog you have a comment or question about, such as: "It's Monday in Utah" or "Racer Exchange 101."

After you click on comments, a new window will pop up (make sure your pop-up blocker is off or allows pop-ups from the blog site). The new window will show comments, if any, that have been made in this section. You can read those to see what other people think about that same entry. I find that, often, great minds think alike, so you might find yourself with a new friend. At the end of the existing comments, there is a text box where you can enter your own comment or question. After you've done that, you'll get a word verification box. You must enter the word that is shown on your screen into the box - this is a security measure. If you do not see a word (it usually appears in color) and a box that follows, you probably won't be able to post.

Apparently, here is where some of you are getting confused: You do NOT have to have a Google/Blogger account to leave your comment. If you have one, feel free to use it. (Although, if you have a Google/Blogger account, you have no need to be reading this post.) If you don't wish to sign in, you may select "anonymous" to publish your post but please make sure your list your name in the text box, otherwise we won't know who you are!

Or maybe you don't want us to know who you are. That's ok, too - the guys love the messages and I'd love it if you kept them coming. We're all in this together and there is only one goal - Annapolis, as quickly and safely as possible. Thanks for your help.


Anonymous said...

Great work riders and crew! Loving keeping up with you all through the blog.

Proud of you, Daddy!

Enjoy New Mexico

Laura Stokes

Anonymous said...

Go Team! Great coverage J-ween. What an adventure.

Cyndi Craig, Tallahassee, FL

Katie said...


Thanks for all the great blog updates! It sounds like you're all doing an amazing job. I had no idea how much planning and work and rule-following was involved! I'm truly in awe of the crew and the riders. I am sending lots of love and good thoughts your way. Go Richard and Charlie!!

Happy trails from Ann Arbor!

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Richard,
I opened the blog yesterday morning to the video of your excahnge at the base of Comb Ridge (between Mexican hat and Bluff). One of our research sites is only about 30 miles south of there. Was wishing I could be there to cheer you on!

Jody from Grand Junction

(Kelley) Brooke said...

Sooo...guess what I dreamed about last night??? I was one of the support crew. :) And it was HARD work!!! LOL! Keep up the inspiring team work gang. The boyz are burn'n it up. 11.5 hours ahead of cut off???? Oh yeah Baybeee!!

Judy said...

I am excited you passed the EHub team while I was sleeping! Way to go Charlie and Richard!! The plan is working. Good job team! Keep it up.

Barb & Bud Fosdick said...

We're watching your're doing great...thanks for all the updates. Keep that team working's gotta be tough on everyone. We are with you in spirit. Good job guys!! Love from Barb & Bud

Jonathan Sherwin said...

To my Bro', Waugh: May the wind always be at your back and the road rise up to meet you -- way to go! Your heart is huge...