Saturday, June 27, 2009

Home stretch, Baybee!!!

Hi all - Thanks so much for all the notes of encouragement for the guys. They really need it. Richard is in great pain in his knees, but like the champion he is, he hobbles back out to the bike every time it's his turn. We keep telling him, "Six more times on the bike, Bro. Five more times. Almost home." Charlie, even though he is bleary eyed and dead tired, remains Mr. Consistent. "Just keep taking bike rides," he says.

These guys are champions through and through.

I hopped a ride with the Chase last night and slept like the dead for six hours in a hotel in West Virginia. Essentially, that got me back to zero, and now I'm good to go. Lots to do in this last 200 or so miles. There's a lot of climbing, and the exchanges today will be critical. Everyone, especially the racers, is fatigued, and we just want to take extra care with our exchanges and not make any careless mistakes.

About 240 miles from the finish line, Team Reaching Heights is still riding penalty free. We are quite proud of that. Even with "just" 240 miles to go, it's a brutal 240 miles and will be slow-going. It is a highly inexact science, but we are projected to cross the finish line in Annapolis about 3 a.m.

Our strategy remains to break the 50-59 age group record, and that is very likely to happen. Barring unforeseen circumstances, we will not beat the Hubsters, but we have achieved a major feat there in even staying close and being competitive with them for 3,000 miles. Plus, we made some nice new friends from Slovenia. While we were waiting to make our exchange this morning, the Hubsters came by and we all got out of our vehicles to come to the side of the road and cheer them on.

"Zivijo! Zivijo!" we all yelled, because this is a Slovenian word for "hello" which, literally translated, means "To Life."

Fitting, that.


(Kelley) Brooke said...

Jeannie - Know anybody that does REIKI???? Bet that could help some hurt'n knees a LOT about now!!!

I home getting work done on the computer right now so will be checking the RAAM website regularly.

I'm glad the end is in sight.

Go Speed Racer GOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooo!!!

Jeannie Roberts said...

Brooke - Actually, I am a Reiki Master and told Richard about a half hour ago that I would send Reiki remotely from the RV. I know it will help. Thanks for thinking of it, too. All for one (or in this case, All for TWO.) JR

Caroline said...

I spoke with Julie (Charlie's wife) about an hour ago. She was boarding a plane to meet you and was concerned she had missed the most recent stats.

The guys are awesome--energizer bunnies on a bike.

My hat's off to the crew.

Caroline K

One Italian expression for good luck is "in bocca al lupo" (in the wolve's mouth). The response is "crepi il lupo" (may the wolf die). Your wolf is almost dead.

(Kelley) Brooke said...

Jeannie - I thought so. I figured it wouldn't hurt to jar your memory just in case.... heheheh :)

Jeannie Roberts said...

It's 3:14 p.m. - I just sent both guys Reiki. (if you don't know about Reiki, trust me, it's a good thing.) Richard drew an especially high amount of energy, and both sucked it right in. I hope it helps; I know it won't hurt.

Mom said...

Almost Home! How wonderful...just keep putting one foot in front of the other and you'll get there. You have come such a long way...just keep pushin!
Love, Mom

Chocolate Labs said...

Will they cross the finish line together? What's the plan for the end of the race?

Anonymous said...

Richard and Charlie,

Lots of positive energy coming your way from around the country!

You will cross the finish line in Annapolis tonight as true champions and heroes, guys with exceptional courage, proven phsyical ability, and a mental toughness few ever attain. But greater still, because of experiences shared this week, will be this lingering, endemic sense of connection with each other and with your crew--truly an extended family.

Well, I don't want to risk getting too emotional here, but you guys are a tremedous source of inspiration for the pre-geriatric crowd, and definitely at the top of my personal list of heroes--I'll be bragging about you for years!

A few more hills, a few more exchanges, a few more bike rides, and you'll be there.

Love ya,

Chris said...

If I'm reading the route right, you guys will be going through the Baltimore/DC corrider this evening. It's congested. Above all, be safe; be careful.

Really excited for you guys -- you're almost there. What an accomplishment....

Anonymous said...

Go for it, guys! You are almost to the finish line. What a feat and what an inspiration. I concur with Jody--you show all the possibilities for those of us in that "50" age group! Keep on pedaling for just a few more hours!

(Kelley) Brooke said...

You bad...You know got the junk to show it!

You bad...You know got the junk to show it!

You bad...You know got the junk to show it!

You bad...You know got the junk to show it!

5:58 pm in the Cleve Patch and just want you to know you guys & crew are just the best most amazing hell-atiously couragous, tenacious, big hearted, smart, powerful, hard working, dedicated, kick-a$$ people ON THE PLANET!!!!

3:30 am in Annapolis, eh? I am up at 5 AM for my Sunday trail run but I will very likely be sneaking a peek before then. I won't be able to take the anticipation.

Will you be throwing back a frosty one at that moment? If so, somebody buy the team (all 9)a brew on me and invoice me when you get back in town.

~One of your biggest Fans