Monday, June 22, 2009

Richard's Father's Day

While we were waiting for Charlie to ride in for an early morning exchange, Richard told me how much he missed his daughter, Lily. While we chatted, Richard also spoke of his dad and we decided on the spot to allow Richard to use that few minutes wisely ... to speak directly to some very special people.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Richard, It sounds like you and your whole crew have been through some ups and downs. I hope that the last many miles go quickly and smoothly.
I spent Father's Day cycling with Roz in beautiful and very flat western Ohio. We had a wonderful and memorable Father's Day.
Roz and Tom and I are so very proud of you, that you have the guts to try to achieve such a difficult goal. You are truly someone special.
Keep up the great riding and our wishes for nothing but tailwinds and downhills. Mike and Roz Madorsky