Thursday, June 25, 2009

All is Well

Many, many connectivity issues across the Heartland. We are fine. The guys are bike studs. The crew's a little cranky, but we're having fun and working for a common goal. We are all super busy because the guys' needs increase as we get further into the race and some physical breakdown strarts. Will post soon. All is well. We are Racing Across America.

It's a race!!
We beat the second mandatory cutoff by more than a full day.
Back soon .


Mom said...

Thanks Jeannie for the update. The rider's needs come first. I really support the are all doing a great job. Thanks

Judy said...

Jeannie, thanks for letting us know all is well with the riders. Am wondering about EHub being an hour ahead now, and hoping the riders and crew are hanging in there. Stay tough --- two more days.

Anonymous said...

The crew of a team has the most difficult job. To keep the riders motivated with no sleep and eating fast food. NO stopping->no showers->navigation isuues->I have two RAAMs and the crew makes the ride! You are the energy that keep your great riders going down the road. Keep your spirt up your crew is doing a fabulius job. Richard and Charlie are on to record time.

Walt Chapman
BTW->Hey Richard, Jim you guys are doing great

Chris said...

Thank for the update, Jeannie. You've done such a great job regularly blogging with updates that when there's a gap, I was starting to worry!

I'm relieved by the update, and glad to hear you guys are all on track.

Stay focused, hang tough, have fun.


Anonymous said...

Richard and Charlie,

You two are simply amazing! I feel like I've accomplished something great if I get out once a week and ride Rimrock Drive here in Grand Junction. You guys have riden over 75 Rimrock Drives in 5 days!

Enjoy the cooler night and think of little Yo-Yo Ma back in Cleveland.

Dad, Mom, Marsha, Caleb, Angela, the Jobes, and even a bunch of folks here at work are rooting for you guys.

Love ya Bro,

Anonymous said...

Jeannie-thanks for the excellent, excellent blog! You make us feel like we are there. Hope to meet you sometime when everyone is back in Cleveland.

Richard and Charlie--you are incredibly inspiring, individually and as a team! Your friendly rivalry with E-Hub brings smiles. I would love to see you on top at the end.

Best wishes from Dan and me and all your friends in Cleveland, Richard.


Katie said...

Go Team Reaching Heights!! You guys (riders and crew) are rock stars! Keep up the good work and go go go!


(Kelley) Brooke said...
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Caroline said...

Bike studs. I love it. You rule! The studs, the crew, the Hubsters.

I'm glad to hear all is well.

Caroline K

(Kelley) Brooke said...

I HEAR you loud and CLEAR!!! ANd am so glad to see you back online. BU and BrU are amazing. They put the Energizer Bunny to shame. I raise my morning protein shake to you all in awe and appreciation of what you are ALL accomplishing.

Cheryl Christie said...

Go guys go!!! It's almost over and the finish line is just around a few more bends and over a few more rolling hills (well maybe not a few). I bet you'd like to turn around and do it all over again....

I hope you've kept all your memorabilia, so you can get together and scrap this adventure.

Keep safe these last few miles.