Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Miscellaneous Thoughts

1. No matter where you are at this moment, you should stand and salute Richard and Charlie (and for that matter, all the other racers out here.) To be out here with them, to actually see what they're doing on the bike and in between rides, is phenomenal. Like the old Nike ad says, they Just Do It, over and over and over and over. Amazing.

2. Pretty sure I could have taken out the potential laundry thief, if necessary. Glad it wasn't, though.

3. For the first time in the race, we saw daylight with fewer miles to go (1,403) than we have already covered (1614.) We're going to do this thing!

4. An indispensable crew aid - cargo shorts. Very functional at an event like this.

5. No matter how you personally feel about Wal-Mart, those suckers are everywhere. You've gotta give them that.

6. Race officials have informed us that the Kansas Highway Patrol has been out and around and is very active in handing out tickets for race vehicles not pulling far enough off the road during exchanges. We are forewarned, thus forearmed.

7. Thanks for the questions and comments to the racers. At this point in the race, it is so important, and will be more every day until we finish. The guys are tired and the goal is definitely in sight - to know that you guys are cheering them on goes such a long way. Charlie has specifically asked that we print out the blog today - yes, we brought a portable printer for this purpose - so they can have it read to them during the long, hot, nighttime pulls tonight. Your good wishes will be so important and appreciated. Keep them coming!

8. Speaking of the blog, I ask in advance for your forgiveness for typos, etc., which will undoubtedly increase as my fatigue does. I'm not incoherent yet, but by the end of this thing, I could be slurring my words in print. Thanks for understanding.


Jewely, I mean Julie said...

We'll forgive your typos if you forgive ours. I know that I have had a few and I'm operating on more sleep than you are.

(Kelley) Brooke said...

When you can interpret: djsej fpeurt jegoie jefejfuse vbpes jvk...then I'll know you've truly lost it.

Tom M said...

Richard. I am following your progress and rooting you on from beautiful sunny Cleveland. Your wonderful blogger's descriptions make me feel like I can really see where you are. For my part, I will never again complain about the hill going up to the Heights after a 30 mile Sunday Morning fun ride... Maybe.
Stay safe and kick butt.


Al Couch said...

Hey Guys. I'm following your progress with amazement. Can't imagine the effort. Tutti bravi!!

Al Couch

Anonymous said...

Charlie's mom has gotten me totally into following Charlie and Richard across America. I loved being able to follow so close on the computer. I check to see where the guys are before I go to bed and in the morning to see how far they have come during the night and occasionally during the day.
Keep going guys I am totally awed by your ability and stamina.
I rode in the Bikecenntenial in 1976 (half way,as planned from Oregon to Colorado--no desert) and believe me I am living vicariously through you two these nine days. Charlie's comment on keeping your mouth shut to avoid ingesting bugs brought back a lot of bug memories.Who knew people had bug memories.
Tempe,AZ is following you and wishing you the best.
Anne B.
P.S. my 2136 mile bike ride took six weeks--see why I am so awed!!!