Thursday, June 18, 2009

Rule book

Studying the RAAM rules, which are comprehensive and voluminous, is imperative for racers and crew members alike. Everything imaginable has been covered. Everything. It's amusing to think that the rules have been created based on something that's probably happened before.

To wit, here's a funny example, directly from the Race Across America 2009 Rules:

Rule 850-8: "Crew or Racers may not strip and dance naked for any reason outside of the support vehcle without appropriate coverings or curtains."

That might threaten to crimp a bit of style, but our absolute priority here is safety first above all, and also to run a perfectly clean race with no penalties. So dancing naked on the side of the road will have to wait.

Some other interesting tidbits from the official RAAM rules:

600-8: Racers may ride alongside each other for 15 minutes per 24-hour period, and no more. Example: Racer A rides with Racer B for 15 minutes. These two racers cannot repeat this until at least 24 hours passes. Racer A, however, can ride with Racer C for 15 minutes within 24 hours, but A and C cannot repeat this for 24 hours, etc.

600-12: Moving Racers may not be tethered by electrical wiring, feeding tubes, oxygen tubes or other attachments either to a Support Vehicle or to a pedestrian.

625-1: All Racers and Crew are expected to exhibit the highest sportsmanship towards all competitors and Race Staff at all times. ... If you have really read these rules carefully, the Crew Chief will bring a coffee mug from the Racer's hometown to the race meeting to receive a RAAM gift and commendation from the Race Director.

Team Reaching Heights racers and crew alike are excited and prepared. Two days and counting ...


ML said...

Be sure to keep us posted on the date for the "dancing".

Sending strength, endurance and love. ML

ML said...

Be sure to keep us posted on the date for the "dancing".

Sending strength, endurance and love. ML

Chocolate Labs said...

Someone should write a book about the RAAM rules.. Rule 600-12 was written because a rider was pulling.. I did notice that it doesn't say anything about animals pulling the rider. Maybe you should look into a couple sled dogs. :)