Friday, June 26, 2009

Quick request

Hey Guys -- Thanks so much for supporting our guys so very well here at the blog. They really, really appreciate it. (In case you missed it, see "Special Message from Richard" below in which he speaks directly to you about this.)

We're looking at what is probably our last full overnight. My eyes are welling up at the thought that we are actually going to finish this thing. But the thing is, so many things can happen and there is a long night and day tomorrow of tough climbing in the Appalachian Mountains. It's going to take a lot from the Units, and the Units have given so much already.

I am asking you to make a concerted effort to send notes of encouragement to them because they will be reading and/or being read to tonight as they ride. I will print as many of your comments as possible to transfer to the Follow vehicle during their long pulls tonight.

You have no idea how important your love and support and encouragement are to them (or maybe you do.)

Let's pull them through this!


Anonymous said...

Hey Richard, Jim
The finish is in site, you need to go hard and not hit anything. I know your tired, but the excitment the end will drive you thru. Keep the rubber side DOWN and you will put in a record ride. The crew has done a great job keeping riders on th bike and going strong.

Finish the Race
Walt Chapman

Mom said...

You have been working so hard...just keep it going! You are coming to my old home state, West Virginia, many hills but good memories. Charlie remember grandpa and just keep going. I'm so proud of both you and Richard. It's almost unbelievable how well you've done. The end is in sight! I'll be watching you and praying for you. You are terrific!

Mom said...

In rereading your comments I have to laugh at the possibility of a DNF because of a "shower accident".
And Richard, those big feet sticking out of the bed are so useful on the bike! "Keep rockin"
Love, Mom

(Kelley) Brooke said...

OMG...somebody stop me... I just can't help myself....



Roll With IT - ~Steve Winwood

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Now, if you don't just totally get off on that, I'm gonna slap that sore hiney of yours!

Anonymous said...

You guys are doing awesome! Keep on movin'....Charlie needs another jersey to frame and hang in his office.

Laura Stokes

Sherry Ford said...

Hey guys - your time is fantastic - you are doing great. Hang in there as not too much further to go (easy for me to say).

You both have my utmost admiration.

Take care and be well

Anonymous said...

Hey Richard,

At around midnight tonight you'll be peddling across the Ohio River into Parkersburg, WV. If you see a faint glow, it'll be one of our research sites--a low-level radioactive waste landfill. Maybe it will help light your path to Annapolis, or at least inspire you to peddle a little faster to escape the intense radiation! Just kidding, it doesn't really glow.

Love ya,

P.S. I've been trying to write a chapter for a book but keep getting distracted and flicking over to your blog. It would help if you'd pick up the pace a little and finish this thing so I can get my work done! Ha!

(Kelley) Brooke said...

What?!!! Did you say you will be pedaling through the Appalachian Mountains???

If you hear Banjo Music....PEDAL FASTER!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi - I'm John Homer - I work with Jody. you guys passed just north of another one of Jody's sites when you went through Oxford, Ohio. What an honor to have you and the rest of the RAAM riders roll through the area.

You're doing an awesome job - keep pushing! The blog is great, too.
take it easy - John

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Chocolate Labs said...

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(Kelley) Brooke said...

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Anonymous said...

Sorry guys, that the comments haven't been very prolific from us, but you have been constantly on our minds and hearts. We are blown away by what you are accomplishing. We have just spent the last hour and half reading and re-reading the postings and wish we could have met you in Athens. You guys just kicked ass and got there sooner than we had planned. We had thought we could wave at you in Athens . . . NOT.
Imagine us waving at you at whatever point you wish - or all of them.

Truly, this is surreal. Are you truly biking across America non-stop! What an amazing feat - and adventure for all of you.

We discovered the map that shows where you are along the route and estimated arrival.

We are cheering for you each peddle in our waking moments - and maybe even in our dreams - which you probably don't have time for.

You will REM after RAAM.

In the meantime, just imagine us doing cheers anytime you need an extra push. Keep yourselves focused and Annapolis will be there before you know it.

Love you Richard - and Charlie, too - (since we feel like we know you through he postings).

Melanie and Suzette

Ian Hoffman said...

You makr me proud to be from Cleveland Heights. Represent!

-- Ian Hoffman

Mom said...

It's night time in Arizona so I know you are at the highth of your last night's drive. Keep awake, keep moving-we're all amazed at what you have accomplished. You are almost there...Charlie and Richard I'm so proud of you both.
Love, Mom